Fully operational global warehouse facilities. For the warehousing, fulfilment and distribution of your stock.

Pick, pack, storage & shipping services and support for eCommerce businesses Do you need a fulfillment warehouse to store and distribute your stock with a warehouse team to support your operations? Are you looking for fully operational and modern global facilities? Pinnacle owns and operates four warehouse facilities; one in Virginia, USA and three in Leicestershire in the Midlands, UK.

Our warehousing eCommerce & fulfillment services

With Pinnacle’s warehouse facilities, we offer the full package from importing your goods from point of origin right through to delivery at your customer’s door. We understand how important and invaluable it is to have a fast, efficient, and accurate supply chain and have support for eCommerce businesses with our system integration technology. Our warehouse services are extensive and cover every single part of the process:


  • IT integration (customer website, Magento, Amazon, eBay)
  • B2C customer service
  • Same day dispatch


  • Stock management service
  • X-Dock
  • Secure on-site storage
  • Pallet racked and bulk storage

Pick & Pack

  • Bespoke fulfillment services

Reworking & Value Added Services

  • Packing
  • Repacking
  • Co-packing
  • Labeling
  • Assembly

US Domestic Distribution

  • Full & Part Load
  • Pallet service
  • Parcel service
  • Multi-drop
  • Dedicated and economy

Secure Outside Storage & Container Storage

  • Floodlight area
  • Access to site
  • Security fencing
  • Secure vehicle parking
  • Monitored CCTV
  • Own container with key access

Benefits of our warehousing eCommerce & fulfillment service

With Pinnacle importing, storing, packing, and shipping your stock, you have more time to focus your efforts on the things that really matter – driving your business forward. You can trust that we will handle your goods with the utmost care and security. After all, we’re a privately owned business with strong core values, and customer service is always at the heart of what we do.

Warehousing in Leicester

Operating warehousing services in Leicestershire, in the midlands means we can offer you a fully integrated supply chain from point of origin to delivery. We understand how vital efficient warehousing and supply chain management is, and with our dedicated team and generous warehousing space in Leicester, we’re best placed to offer this to you.


How We Can Help

Ask our team of global logistics experts for information, pricing, and advice about your packing and warehouse fulfillment needs. Feel rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands when you choose Pinnacle to pick, pack, and ship your stock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Third party warehousing refers to the outsourcing of all warehouse elements of a supply chain. Rather than owning or renting warehousing space and employing warehouse staff, a company can outsource to a third party warehouse partner. 

This means that when the company receives an order, it will then be picked and packed by the warehousing partner before being picked up and transported by the next link in the supply chain. It takes an element of supply chain management out of the hands of businesses and places it in the hands of logistics professionals.

Both logistics and warehousing are parts of the freight supply chain. The warehousing aspect of a business covers unloading, receiving inbound goods, storage, order picking and packing, and return handling. The logistics aspect covers every part of the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse, like transportation, inventory, and internal movement of goods. 

Whilst warehousing provides a central location for receiving, distributing and storing goods, logistics deal with end-to-end customer requirements. Whilst warehousing isn’t necessarily part of logistics (rather just the end or beginning point of the journey) it’s important to have both parts of the supply chain working in tandem.

Third party warehousing takes responsibility for unloading and receiving inbound goods, storage, order picking and packing, and return handling from a company and places it with their warehousing partner. For many businesses, this can save money as it reduces the amount spent on both warehousing space and staff.

There are more than just these benefits to warehousing though. Here are more: 

1. Expansion opportunities

With warehousing outsourced, your business has the room to stop focusing on receiving, storing, packing, and dispatching products. Instead, you can focus on actually producing your products. Your business can reallocate resources internally so you can grow. 

2. Production, packing and processing support.

Consistent production, packing and processing support can reduce and keep down your production and shipping times. 

Eliminating the frustrating job of accounting for warehouse costs can be as easy as outsourcing your warehousing. Contact us here at Pinnacle today to find out how we can help you. 

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Using WebTracker you can track your consignments whenever you need to, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. The system tracks your consignments at every stage of the journey, from pickup to delivery.

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