Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Update

HMRC will be closing the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will be the single customs platform. Services will be withdrawn in two stages: After 30 September 2022 import declarations close on CHIEF After 31 March 2023 export declarations close on CHIEF and the National Exports System […]

Freight Forwarder vs Broker

There is often confusion about the differences between freight forwarders and customs agents and brokers. What are the differences in their roles and responsibilities and when they are best employed to help international traders with their import requirements? There are certainly crossovers between the two, but it’s important for new traders to become clear on […]

Freight Forwarder USA to UK

The importance of the history and modern-day relations between the United States and the United Kingdom should not be understated. With strong cultural and financial ties between the two countries going back many years, it is clear to see that these two globally influential nations have a unique and important relationship.  In this blog, we […]

Freight Forwarder – China to UK

In 2021, China overtook Germany to become the UK’s biggest single import market for the first time since records began. This spans all major industries trading in goods, making China an even more important trading partner to the UK than in recent years. Goods imported from China rose 66% from the start of 2018 to […]

Freight Forwarder Amazon FBA

There are quite literally millions of Amazon sellers all over the world. Some are established brands, some high-flying entrepreneurs, and others a one-man band. Whatever the set-up, they may need to utilise Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). With FBA, goods are stored in Amazon’s fulfilment centres and picked, packed and shipped by Amazon, taking the load […]

Shipment Tracking

Using WebTracker you can track your consignments whenever you need to, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. The system tracks your consignments at every stage of the journey, from pickup to delivery.

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