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Does your business require an effective road freight service? Do you need a freight forwarder who can tailor services to suit your needs? Whether you have full loads, part loads, or specialist cargo requirements, our team of experienced professionals will ensure you receive the most effective road transport service possible.

Our Road Haulage Services

When you choose Pinnacle for your road haulage services, you can rely on flexible, on-time, and simple solutions. At Pinnacle, our road freight services include:


Export, Import, and Cross Trade






Container CSC Plating


Parcel Courier




Groupage-Part Load

Benefits of our road freight services

We provide a range of road freight solutions via our network of quality partners, using all types of road transport vehicles from 3.5 tonne, 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne, to Arctic and service types, including timed and dedicated deliveries. If you’re not sure what service solution is best for you, we can offer expert advice to ensure your road freight requirements are met. You’ll be assigned one point of contact to help you with your shipments, so you’ll never be left wondering who to speak to and how to reach them. 


Road Freight in Leicester

Running road freight services from our midlands based location in Leicestershire makes Pinnacle perfectly situated to manage your road freight needs, whether international or domestic. Our experienced team can tailor our services to meet your requirements – from full and part loads to specialist cargo. Our Leicester facilities also offer generous warehousing, so you know you can rely on us for effective and efficient road freight.


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Ask our team of global logistics experts for information, pricing, and advice about your planned road shipments. Feel rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands when it comes to moving your valuable goods by road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There could be two ways to calculate a road shipment, it depends upon what the road tariff is based e.g. per 1000kgs/3cbm or per kilo. 

Groupage or Pallet Network services will offer rates based on ¼, ½, full and oversized pallet sizes, destination location from collection point and the consideration of weight including thresholds, which is a simple way of collating costs.

Road freight is the transportation of goods through roadways, often done by lorry. It is the most commonly used form of freight, and is often used in tandem with air and sea freight to enable door to door delivery or delivery to areas with no air or sea port links. 

Other forms of road freight include: 

  • Parcel Courier for smaller manageable items, generally under approx 0.3cbm / 30kg for common freight. 
  • Dedicated vehicle for special, urgent, high value and/or timed deliveries.
  • FTL or Full Truck Load for shipments of cargo that fill an entire vehicle from 18 tonne to an Artic.
  • Groupage/Part Load for less than full loads, single or multiple pallets or loose items.

Variables that factor into the charges you will pay:

  • The road freight charges set by the carrier company
  • Costs associated with handling, customs and clearing the goods at the points of loading and discharge
  • Whether your cargo requires its own dedicated full truck (referred to as a Full TruckLoad, or FTL) or whether the goods can be consolidated with other cargo (a Less-than Truckload, or LTL).
    • Shipments that require a full truckload  will be charged a flat fee per truckload, and this amount will be dependent on many variables including origin and destination, volume, and time of year, plus many other factors. FTL shipments are the more expensive option, but are often necessary for shipments that are high risk, dangerous, or have a short shelf life. 
    • Shipments that require a less-than truckload can be consolidated with other shipments. It is more cost effective so is ideal for SMEs. However, it can often take more time than FTL freight due to multiple stops and packing/repacking requirements on the way. This will be charged by either volumetric weight or gross weight – whichever is higher.

Unless you’re moving significant volumes or you have a long standing contract with a trucking company, it’s usually more affordable to work through a freight forwarding company who can organise the freight and manage the logistics for you, as well as often having access to discounted road freight rates. The exact calculations will then be done by the forwarder.

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