IT & PO Management

Bespoke digital solutions to successfully manage your supply chain


Looking for a freight forwarder that can give you control and visibility of your product throughout the supply chain? At Pinnacle, we provide an end to end solution utilising world-leading freight management software and our in-house IT team. You can enjoy visibility and control from the production of your product at origin to subsequent shipment milestones, warehousing stock inventory to live integration with your eCommerce platforms, and dispatch and live tracking to your customer’s door. 

Global Track & Trace

When you ship with Pinnacle, you have access to one easy-to-use platform, which provides:


24/7 access to tracking information


Live event updates


Live shipment updates


Documentation updates


Scheduled bespoke reports

PO Management

We know that with effective supply chain planning comes efficiencies. Our PO Management system is essential to any business strategy based on operational excellence. The process at a glance:

  1. New PO created on customer ERP system
  2. EDI PO received on Pinnacle system
  3. Online customer analysis change or confirm order
  4. Permission to ship granted
  5. Schedule approved
  6. Shipped
  7. Arrived
  8. Customs cleared
  9. Delivered
  10. In to storage/picked/packed/distributed

IT and Purchase Order Management in Leicester

Our in house IT team working from our Leicester offices offers you the total package of IT and PO management. Managed from our Leicestershire facilities, our end-to-end solution and leading freight and supply chain management software give you complete visibility and control over your cargo. From origin to project completion, our IT and PO Management ensures efficient and secure freight, with one point of contact for you.

Through our WMS (Warehouse Management System), we also provide a live stock management service, so that you always have control and visibility of your inventory. We can also integrate with your own website, Magento, Amazon, and eBay, creating efficiencies that can enable you to focus your time and energy on other important areas of your business.


How We Can Help

Got questions about our IT & PO Management solutions? Ask our team of global logistics experts for more information and how we at Pinnacle can make your supply chain work for you.

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Shipment Tracking

Using WebTracker you can track your consignments whenever you need to, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. The system tracks your consignments at every stage of the journey, from pickup to delivery.

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